Currency Options

Currency Options firms are obliged to comply with a raft of new and existing regulations and make business decisions based on them. What questions do you have?


Startups must move fast. Securing investment. Hiring teams. Developing products. Scaling up. Which contracts, agreements and policies do you require?

Terms & Conditions

Creed Solicitors drafts clear, concise terms and conditions that are compliant with regulation and treat customers fairly as required by the FCA.

Commercial Contracts

Creed Solicitors negotiates and drafts commercial contracts and agreements, identifying the risks and advising on how you can mitigate them.

GDPR Compliance

Creed Solicitors provides GDPR compliance advice for firms subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, including how to avoid fines and complaints.

Perimeter Guidance

Perimeter and permissions guidance from an expert solicitor helps you meet FCA regulations and avoid regulatory action. Do you know which permissions you require?