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Consumer Duty for EMIs and PIs:

Four starter steps to comply with the Consumer Understanding Outcome

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Business owners, boards of directors and heads of compliance need advisers that understand their industry and speak plainly. We slice through the jargon so that our clients know what their legal documentation really says, our clients comprehend their obligations, what they are signing up to and what they are asking others to sign.  

Creed Solicitors works with payment institutions, electronic money institutions, firms that sell currency options, start-ups and large institutions.

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Challenger Banks

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Currency Options

Currency Options firms are obliged to comply with a raft of new and existing regulations and make business decisions based on them. What questions do you have?

Electronic Money Institutions

Electronic Money Institutions must protect their legal risk in a shifting technological landscape. Do you need straightforward legal advice on the relevant regulations?

Payment Institutions

Payment Institutions are under increasing scrutiny by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Do you need a solicitor who knows the industry and speaks in Plain English?


Startups must move fast. Securing investment. Hiring teams. Developing products. Scaling up. Which contracts, agreements and policies do you require?

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Philipp v Barclays Bank

PRA expand deposit protection: What it means for EMIs & PIs

Authorised push payment fraud: Important Consultation

Is your online platform a regulatory risk to your business?

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